Call It A Night

20 MAY 2022

What happens when you let go of something you’ve always been passionate about? Will it come back? And if so, in what ways and with what impact?

These questions laid the foundation for Toby Whyle’s debut album ‘Call It A Night’. Every once in a while, you need to let go of something to realise how much you really needed it. In Toby’s case, this was the music he had put aside for a while. Other activities quickly filled his everyday life, while guitar and microphone gradually slipped into the background.

During this process of letting go, new sparks ignited. Every now and then, in moments of everyday life, small lyric ideas and fragments of melodies came into being. Without pursuing a specific goal, Toby started writing songs again, and soon, it became clear to him: “That’s exactly what I miss doing, what I need”. Writing songs is his way of processing his experiences and expressing his feelings. Meanwhile, the song sketches that had piled up eventually pushed him to ask himself: what if I put music first in my life again? The answer to this question is Toby Whyle’s first album as a solo artist.

The “what-ifs” intertwine through many songs of the album, with Toby devoting himself to the dilemmas and difficult decisions in life. With moral questions becoming exceedingly complex and challenging to answer, people are looking for clues from others while trying to maintain their self-determination. Toby does not attempt to provide answers but instead presents a selection of question marks that have come up over the years.

At the same time, Toby Whyle is heading towards new horizons on his debut album. For him, ‘Call It A Night’ is a journey to find out what feels right to him—this means escaping old patterns and allowing himself to try new things. Musically, he exposes himself unreservedly to the gravitational forces of electronic music and guitar pop by orbiting these points of attraction without ever really getting caught by either of them. Each song moves along its own trajectory, fueled by Toby’s thoughts and experiences.

Artist: Toby Whyle
Title: Call It A Night
Format: Album (Digital, Vinyl, CD)
Date – What A Ride (Single): WED, 30.03.2022
Date – Call It A Night (Single): WED, 27.04.2022
Releasedate Album digi & CD: FRI, 20.05.2022
Releasedate Album vinyl: FRI, 26.08.2022
Cat. No. digi: MMA001
Cat. No. vinyl: MMV002
Cat. No. cd: MMCD001
Cat. No. What a Ride Single: MMS012
Catalogue Number Call it a Night Single: MMS013
Lyrics: Toby Whyle
Music: Toby Whyle, Maximilian Walch
Production Maximilian Walch, Toby Whyle
Mixing: Maximilian Walch
Stem-Mastering: Nikodem Milewski
Photo: Irina Gavrich
Cover Artwork: www.101.at
EAN/UPC digi: 196626529862
EAN/UPC vinyl: 4251804135290
EAN/UPC CD: 4251804135306
EAN/UPC What a Ride Single: 196626556400
EAN/UPC Call It a Night Single: 196626529862
Label: © & ℗ 2022 Matches Music
Publisher: Matches Music Publishing

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